Revolutionizing Ultra-Hop Mesh
for Tomorrow

Smart connection, edge-powered, cloud-native unity.

Revolutionizing Ultra-Hop Mesh
for Tomorrow

Smart connection, edge-powered, cloud-native unity.

Future-Proof Connectivity

In a world where IoT and M2M technologies drive our daily lives, PicoCELA stands out with its patented PBE
(PicoCELA Backhaul Engine) – the bedrock of reliable and affordable wireless connections.

From seamless device and machinery integration to the magic of multi-hop mesh via our Edge Computing-enabled
Access Points, PicoCELA is sculpting the next generation of connectivity.


PicoCELA Backhaul Engine

Expansive Wireless Coverage Simplified. No more cables, just
seamless, stable, multi-stage relay technology.

Efficient, high-speed networks managed from the cloud. The future of
wireless LAN is here.


PicoCELA's breakthrough

Maintain throughput across multi-hops.
Maximize your gains with our advanced dynamic routing and frame
transfer technology. Experience consistently rapid speeds and ultra-low
latency even over 10+ hops!.

"Reduced Cabling"
Experience the cost-saving and increased mobility advantages of reducing cable dependency.

Build wireless networks that can be effortlessly expanded or contracted in seconds.

"Extended Coverage"
Extend wireless connectivity to areas previously challenging to reach, whether indoors or outdoors.

"Real-Time Insight"
Stay constantly informed about your network's performance with the PicoManager cloud-native dashboard.

Embrace the future connectivity with
PicoCELA's PCWL-0500 series

Reach Beyond Boundaries. With our exclusive Wi-Fi backhaul, deploy wireless LANs anywhere, indoors or out. Minimal cables, maximal functionality.

Customizable for edge computing. The future of enterprise-class wireless is here.


Meet the PicoManager®
Cloud-Native dashboard

PicoManager® Edge Computing: Where Flexibility Meets Innovation. Dive into tailored platform services, built on the robust foundation of our equipment.

With our Linux-based SDK, the PCWL powers your limitless customization journey. Shape the future, your way


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