PicoCELA Cloud Management

Real-Time Visualization
with Edge Computing Platform

PicoCELA Cloud Management

Real-Time Visualization with Edge Computing Platform

Streamline modern network complexities

Manage and optimize network effortlessly and securely



Empower your management with comprehensive monitoring and clear visual insights into each connected device's communication status.

Experience enhanced problem identification with our full-scope visualization of our access points. Diagnosis becomes straightforward, ensuring efficient resolution.

Monitoring has never been so intuitive, providing you with an in-depth perspective. Elevate your network management to new heights with PicoCELA.

Enrich your user experience with many other optional features like the BLE tracking or capturing marketing data to boost your business

Explore cloud-managed networking

Your key to effiency and exceptional user experience


Our device ensures maximum coverage and performance with the ability to hop across multiple nodes, ensuring continuous connectivity throughout your infrastructure


Adapt your network management effortlessly with evolving business needs, ensuring consistent user experiences without unexpected costs.


Experience real-time clarity on network performance, resource usage, and system health across all sites. Dive deep with a unified dashboard, capturing insights from users, devices, applications, and infrastructure.


Stay ahead with automatic updates, ensuring your Wi-Fi APs always harness the latest features and security patches

Edge Computing

Dedicated Computing and Storage, seamlessly adjust your edge computing capacities using our cloud management platform, optimizing performance without unexpected expenses.

PicoManager® for
Edge Computing Solutions

With PicoManager® , get tailored platform services built on our state-of-the-art equipment, customized for every installation need.

Using our PCWL and Linux-based SDK, dive into endless customization and innovation opportunities.

Unlock edge solutions with apps on our access points, ensuring low-latency, optimized traffic, and distributed processing. PicoManager®︎: Your platform for seamless edge solution management and delivery.

PicoManager  for Edge Computing Solutions




PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh ensures robust, seamless communication in manufacturing. It bolsters Factory Automation, streamlining real-time interactions between machines, systems, and personnel.

Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

PicoCELA's Wi-Fi solution ensures uninterrupted streaming, enhances fan experiences, and meets high-demand events' user needs.



PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh ensures seamless connectivity across expansive warehouses. It streamlines inventory management, enhances AGV operations, and supports real-time asset tracking, elevating efficiency and precision in warehousing.



PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh offers expansive coverage across farms, supporting precision agriculture tools. It enhances real-time data transfer, irrigation, and monitoring, optimizing yield and sustainability.



PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh provides no-cabling connectivity across construction sites, ensuring real-time collaboration, asset tracking, and seamless data transfer for efficient project management.



PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh boosts retail by ensuring consistent in-store connectivity. It enhances customer experiences, enables real-time inventory management, supports staff communication, and tailors promotions, driving sales and shopper satisfaction.


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