Unleash the Future of Factory Automation

Modern manufacturing is propelled by innovations in Factory Automation, where seamless, real-time communication between machines, systems, and personnel is the bedrock of efficiency. Traditional Wi-Fi often falls short in the dynamic, expansive realms of automated factories. Enter PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh technology--the answer to ensuring the robustness and agility required for state-of-the-art Factory Automation.

Continuous Connectivity

Automated factories demand uninterrupted communication. PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh systems, with their interconnected nodes, ensure comprehensive coverage throughout, eliminating potential dead zones even in expansive and multi-level plants.

Adaptable Scalability

As automation needs evolve, your connectivity solution should keep pace. PicoCELA's Wi-Fi mesh offers effortless scalability, enabling you to expand or modify your automation infrastructure without overhauling the existing network.

Built-in Reliability

Reliability is non-negotiable in Factory Automation. The inherent redundancy in mesh networks ensures that if one node encounters an issue, data is smartly rerouted via other nodes, guaranteeing persistent connectivity.

Ultra-low Latency

Factory Automation thrives on real-time responses. PicoCELA's Mesh networks ensure ultra-low latency, facilitating immediate data exchange between machines, sensors, and control systems, optimizing automated processes.

Easy Deployment

Automated factories are intricate ecosystems. Our Wi-Fi mesh technology adapts intelligently to its environment, making deployment straightforward, even in factories with complex layouts or challenging physical structures.

IoT & Edge Computing Ready

With Factory Automation increasingly relying on the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing, our mesh networks are primed to support this integration, PicoCELA's Access Point(PCWL) has Edge Computing platform integrated, offering seamless connectivity for sensors, robots, and various IoT devices.

Step into a new dawn of manufacturing excellence with our top-tier Wi-Fi mesh solution. It's not merely about staying connected; it's about elevating every facet of your manufacturing prowess. Discover the future; it's a mesh marvel waiting to be unveiled.


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