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Elevate the Game

In the electrifying world of sports and entertainment, fans crave experiences that are immersive, seamless, and always connected. Elevate every event and every cheer with our pioneering Wi-Fi mesh solution.

No-Cabling, Pure Freedom

Say goodbye to the cumbersome and expensive cabling processes. Deploy a network that's as dynamic as your events, with the freedom to rearrange, expand, or adapt without being tethered down.

Venue-Wide Connectivity, No Dead Zones

From the thrilling stadium corners to backstage passageways, our Wi-Fi mesh ensures uninterrupted connection. Let fans tweet, stream, and share without a glitch.

Event-Ready Scalability

Prepping for a major league game or an international concert? Our mesh system scales effortlessly, ensuring that every attendee, from front row to the last seat, remains digitally connected.

Uninterrupted Streaming, Enhanced Engagement

Elevate live moments with augmented reality, instant replays, and virtual interactions. With real-time data transfers, our mesh promises experiences that are nothing short of magical.

Unified Network Across Venues

Be it an arena, an open field, or a concert hall, manage all with one cohesive network solution. Simplify operations, cut down costs, and promise a consistently exhilarating digital experience.

Future-Proofed Entertainment

the digital wave of virtual reality, wearables, and IoT transforms entertainment, our no-cabling Wi-Fi mesh is ahead of the curve, ready to redefine fan experiences.

Jump into the future of sports and entertainment with our groundbreaking Wi-Fi mesh solution. More than just a connection, it's the pulse of unforgettable moments, echoing cheers, and the magic of live experiences. The future is wireless. Be a part of the revolution

Case Study

Snow Peak

Snow Peak

Simultaneously transmitting guests' location information and videos for talk shows at a general exhibition held outdoors

GALA Yuzawa

GALA Yuzawa

Wi-Fi access across GALA Yuzawa's five hectares of ski slopes & data utilized for marketing strategies


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