PicoCELA launches Wi-Fi 6 compatible mesh system, "PCWL-0510", starting June 12th.

PicoCELA Inc. will start shipping the Wi-Fi 6 compatible enterprise wireless mesh Wi-Fi "PCWL-0510" in sequence from June 12th, 2023 (Mon).


From June 12th, PicoCELA will begin shipping its Wi-Fi 6 compatible enterprise wireless mesh Wi-Fi "PCWL-0510". PCWL-0510 is the latest model in the PCWL series, with doubled backhaul performance. It complies with the waterproof and dustproof standard IP67 and can operate in a wide range of temperature environments. Designed for outdoor use, it achieves high throughput and connectivity. Using PicoCELA's proprietary technology, the PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE), you can easily build a reliable and high-performance wireless network.

About PCWL-0510

"PCWL-0510" is the latest model in PicoCELA's PCWL series, with double the backhaul performance compared to the previous PCWL-0400 series. Furthermore, a cloud management tool called PicoManager® is provided as standard, making deployment and management easier. It also complies with the waterproof and dustproof standard IP67 and can operate in a wide temperature range from -30°C to 60°C.

Main Features of PCWL-0510

  • Outdoor model supporting both backhaul and access point for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
  • Double the backhaul performance compared to the PCWL-0400/0410 series.
  • Standard provision of PicoManager® .
  • Complies with the waterproof and dustproof standard IP67.
  • Operating temperature guaranteed from -30°C to 60°C.

Through this new product, PicoCELA enables companies and facilities to build a stable wireless network. It can reduce the use of LAN cables by up to 90% and achieve a wide-range, reliable Wi-Fi network. Additionally, by utilizing PicoCELA's unique technology, the PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE), it is possible to easily achieve an extensive wireless LAN space.

In outdoor environments, factors such as weather conditions and physical obstacles can pose challenges to the signal strength and stability of wireless networks. However, "PCWL-0510" is IP67 compliant, offering stable performance even under harsh conditions. Moreover, it supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), achieving high throughput and connectivity. The backhaul performance is double that of the previous PCWL-0400 series, expanding the bandwidth of the network backbone.

PicoCELA's "PCWL-0510" is an ideal solution for building a wireless network in challenging outdoor locations, offering reliability and high performance. For companies and facilities looking to achieve a stable communication environment, consider using PicoCELA's "PCWL-0510".


About PicoManager®

What is PicoManager?

The cloud management system PicoManager® not only remotely manages PCWL devices equipped with enterprise wireless mesh technology but also provides solutions for flow analysis and location information.
PicoManager® offers the following benefits that go beyond the traditional concept of wireless LAN controllers

  • See the flow of people.
  • Capture communication quality.
  • Interact with users.
  • Provide peace of mind and safety.
  • Add new features to PCWL devices.

*Some functions of PicoManager® are optional.


About PicoCELA's Technology

By introducing PicoCELA, you can reduce LAN cabling by up to 90% and build a stable Wi-Fi network.

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine

PBE's unique wireless multistage relay technology eliminates the need for excessive cabling, enabling effortless deployment of expansive wireless coverage.
Experience cutting-edge wireless multistage relay technology, simplifying the creation of large-scale wireless LAN networks.
PBE ensures stable data transfer through multi-hop communication and automatic re-routing, guaranteeing the most efficient route at all times.
With its innovative technology, PBE establishes high-speed and seamless wireless networks, minimizing reliance on LAN cables. Enjoy peace of mind with remote management via the bundled cloud dashboard, ensuring secure data communications and eliminating communication downtime.