PicoCELA Backhaul Engine


PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE), our unique wireless multistage relay technology, makes it easy to realizes an enormous wireless LAN space.

PBE makes it possible to build a fast, smooth, stable and continuous wireless network by reducing the need for LAN cables. PBE offers peace of mind with management from anywhere via the cloud, including facilitating secure data communications and eliminating communication downtime.

With LAN cable wiring unnecessary, PBE makes it easy to set up a high-density arrangement of access points, while the large number of antennas helps realize the necessary quality of radio waves and high-speed communications. In addition, in the event of an antenna malfunction, PBE can establish an alternative routing with its self-healing function in a matter of seconds.

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE) promises to always provide stable communications amid a changing radio wave environment.

Originality and Superiority

  • The idea to use a BH dedicated wireless module + 1 channel reuse as the standard architecture
  • Not only service traffic but also all control traffic in the same channel
  • Dynamic tree routing control to realize instant route switching
  • Realization of highly stable wireless backhaul
  • Three-tiered routing

Component technologies supporting stability

  • Unique dynamic tree routing control formula and three-tiered routing
    ・At start-up: reset routing
    ・Routing established in a matter of seconds
    ・In steady state: High-speed route update
    ・Routing stabilization loop through the msec-order high-speed routing. Prepared for dynamic radio wave fluctuations.
    ・Contingency: Self-healing
    ・Automatically detects critical communication interruptions and establishes an alternative routing in a matter of seconds
  • Soft bind / Soft unbind
    ・It is possible to add (bind) AP and delete (unbind) AP at will, without rebooting the whole system

High Multi-Hop Performance

High multi-hop performance that maintains throughput

Despite multistage wireless relaying decreasing with each hop, there is little degradation of throughput and low latency. PicoCELA's unique single frequency reuse, dynamic tree routing control formula and frame transfer technology enables wireless multistage relaying with over 10 hops.

High multi-hop performance that maintains throughput
Self-healing function

Self-healing function

In the event of antenna malfunctions, the self-healing function allows the establishment of an alternative routing within a few seconds.

Expressway with no traffic signals

Expressway with no traffic signals

No data collisions caused by one-way routing

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine

High-density arrangement

High-density arrangement of access points enables high radio wave quality and high-speed communication.