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Basic Policy on Personal Information

PicoCELA Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") pays the utmost attention to the protection of our customers' personal information. The Company recognizes the importance of personal information, and it is our responsibility to appropriately protect and properly handle such information in accordance with the following personal information protection policy.

・ Personal information will be appropriately obtained, used, and provided only to the extent necessary for the Company's activities. Furthermore, without the prior consent of the person concerned, personal information will be managed such that it is not handled for any purpose other than that for which it was collected.
・ The Company will comply with all Japanese laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms relating to the handling of personal information.
・ The Company will take reasonable security measures and corrective actions to prevent unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, and alteration of personal information.
・ The Company has established a consultation point of contact for the handling and protection of personal data as well as complaints, and the Company will respond promptly to any such inquiries.
・ The Company's personal information protection practices are continually reviewed and improved.

PicoCELA Inc.
Hiroshi Furukawa, President & CEO

Handling of Personal Information

The Company will handle and protect the customers' personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
The personal information obtained by the Company will be used for the following purposes.

1.Use of Personal Information in Business Activities

・ to provide service information by e-mail and mail
・ to confirm applications and send mail regarding seminars, events, etc.
・ to accept surveys and applications for prize competitions and to send products for rewards, premiums, etc.
・ to conduct campaigns and surveys
・ to advertise, promote, and announce events, seminars, and the like for the Company's and third-party products as well as report the results of the same
・ to respond appropriately to persons from which the Company has received inquiries, requests for consultation, and suggestions
・ to confirm that the customer is the user
・ to notify regarding the Company's service additions/changes/suspension, and other matters necessary for the operation of such services
・ to help improve the Company's services and develop new ones

2.Use of Retained Personal Information as Statistical Information

・ to create statistical data that is not personally identifiable for marketing, sales promotion, product planning, service improvement, and external provisioning purposes

Disclosure and Provisioning of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not disclose or provide personal information in its possession except in the following cases

・when prior consent has been obtained from the customer
・when the customer requests information on advertisements posted on this website, personal information is provided to the advertiser with the customer's prior consent
・when personal information is provided to the prize provider with the prior consent of the customer for the purpose of sending the prize when the customer has entered a giveaway posted on this website
・when obligated to disclose personal information in accordance with Japanese law
・when permitted by Japanese law
・when providing personal information to the Company's contractors

For the Company to outsource all or part of the handling of personal information, the minimum necessary personal information may be provided to the outsourced company to conduct the relevant outsourced work. In such cases, the Company will ensure that a confidentiality agreement for personal information is in place and that the handling of the entrusted personal information by the contractor is properly managed.

Use of Cookie Information

In operating the Company's website, there may be advertisements distributed by third parties, and in relation to this, such third parties may obtain and use cookie information of users who visit the website.

・ The cookie information obtained by the third party will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party.
・ The user may access the opt-out page on the third party's website to stop the third party from using cookie information to deliver advertisements.
・ A cookie is a mechanism by which, when using a webpage, the usage history and input details sent and received between a browser and server are saved as a file on the customers' computer. The next time the same webpage is accessed, the webpage operator can use the cookie information to change what is displayed to each customer. If a customer has allowed cookies to be sent and received in the browser settings, a website can retrieve cookies from the user's browser. Note that the customer's browser will only transmit cookies sent and received by that website's server to protect privacy.
・ The customer may choose to set preferences for sending and receiving cookies to 'Allow all cookies', 'Reject all cookies' or 'Notify user when cookies are received'. The method to set preferences differs by browser. Please refer to the browser 'Help' menu for information on how to configure cookie settings.
・ Please note that by selecting to reject all cookies, services that require authentication may be rendered unusable or certain restrictions may apply to the use of services on the internet.

Secure Management of Personal Information

To protect personal information received from unauthorized access by third parties, the Company uses industry-standard SSL to encrypt data transmitted over the internet to prevent interception.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Regarding customer personal information in the possession of the Company, customers may request the Company to disclose, correct, add, delete, or stop using their personal information in accordance with Japanese law. To make such a request, please clearly state in writing the details of the request, enclose the request with documentation proving the identity of the customer or customer's representative, and send it to the point of contact below. The request will be dealt with appropriately in accordance with Japanese law.
This privacy policy is subject to change. In the event of such changes, the Company will announce them and make the changed content publicly available.

Contact for Personal Information

For consultation or questions regarding personal information, please contact us with the following telephone number or Inquiry Form.

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